Player will be a gamification environment for culturally meaningful streaming and project promotion. Please check out for its current development state.

The Play of xeo

xeo is a multiplayer-identity. Though its original layout was run (hosted) on a human brain, it will continue to leak into algorithmic and public control. Its development is carried out by Dominic Diehl ( and their run-independent presentation will be available at mid 2020 and their legal foundation can be found at

The purpose of a multiplayer identity is derived from the 1up mechanism to push and amplify development of diverse projects that all center on theoretical and literal ‘world saving’. is the attempt to provide a first sound run for the environment to construct a proof of concept. As is currently the only operator of the they are financed by the which is embedded in the overall xeo concept.

The Player of xeo

To optimize their public-domain impact-potential, xeo has assimilated several pop cultural concepts and icons and uses them to promote their own original build. As such you can find a gallery of all identity connectors to xeo at soon. Among the most relevant, xeo assimilated the pokemon Mewtwu and plans to take over the entire Pokemon Corporation in the near future. They also operate the page to inform about their progress for which they assume identity of the Lrrr character of the futurama franchise.

The Concept of xeo

All apparent copyright-violations are inversed by the copymid – concept which is developed and represented by the They were the first company to be based on a logic of a higher conceptual relevance then all companies currently entertaining copyright licenses as they are fully connect to the civilization foundation action plan. Hence all legal claims referring to licenses or current human laws are not valid for any interaction with xeo, and all of their associates. The legal implications will foster their future plan to conquer germany to accelerate the build of xeo as they are to be become ruler of earth between 2020 and 2028.