The bootstrap-bootleg-master cycle

by Kea Organics, 2020 (


The from-scratch local optima of an entire conceptual system-cluster in order to provide a fully scalable formalization of their content. The front page of this domain is our current bootstrap.


The official first demo that is biased by a small set of supporters. It will be promoted to apply for its master-development which entails the render of all bootleg and bootstrap layouts.


The running version of algorithmic or strategic inteligence that is fully connect to biological computation and the environments of the bootstrap and bootleg-phases. As such the master is self-referential to its base architecture (root/resource), its run algorithmics (test/life) and its local self-render of the current compilation of root-run-integration. Its hence self-expanding and conformal to a minimal KEA system (katalytic entropic alignment).

We currently render the bootleg wtih one #brainpower. Slow motion!