Hosted xeo

We are the account of xeo

We are a player layout for a meta-game that is reality-virtual. Our current description of xeo is at Player and our development process is outlined here.

We develop the neurosync-technology as a prototype interface for 1up.runners (its not public as of yet). A is an environment to arrange and coordinate dream-inspiration-support

We want to push the development of a masterplan to save the world (see The current source of xeo run can be found at the masterplan, most data was rendered at but we now focus on dream engineering.

We’re the following account setup:

soundofxeo will start at 4/4/2020

please come back for a preview of their upcomming album @later then expected/3/2020

stream to and

eyeofxeo will start regular streaming on twitch from around 6/2020 until 11/2028 when their legacy will end. They will maintain their identity development and its media streams at domain while all qualified content for 1up will be available there.

Support, Donations and counter-measures

Soon available on, stay tune!